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Monday, September 03, 2007
IGCSE Results

B-Business Studies, Geography, English Language
A-French, English Literature, ICT
A*-Maths, Double Award Science

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Long report

I know, I haven't written for a long time. So just to try and make everything short:

From as far I can remember..

Christine invited my mum, siter and I for the opening night of Starlight Cinema. It was a great experience, though I think we were sitting at the wrong place as the sounds were just giving all of us one great big fat headache. But the highlight of it all was that NTV7 came to interview us =) and we were on TV!!! I know right... =P

I've started college too. At HELP University College. Doing A-levels, maths, biology, chemistry and English literature.

So what's happened there? Well, I've volunteered to be a class representative for my English literature class, while Seo and May volunteered for biology and maths. The lecturers are all good. Our Eng Lit lecturer told us that it's compulsary for all Eng Lit students to audition for the annual play. So I did. Auditioned for Sarah in the Translations play. I didn't exactly want to audition, but we had to. I thought I didn't do that well in the audition, but lo and behold! I've been called back. Aiyo! I never wanted it to happen, actually. But it did.

So I guess those are the main events.

IGCSE results are coming out on the 14th, one week from now. And my family and I will be leaving for San Fransisco then too. I both can and cannot wait.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007
Awards Evening 2007

29th June 2007
Last formal function and goodbyes in GIS
GIS-sers, you will always be in my heart!
Love you all!

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29th June 2007-Garden International School

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Saturday, June 16, 2007
Graduation Ball for the Class of 2007-Ritz Carlton, 15th June 2007

Well, it's the end. It's our last goodbye. Well, ok. We will still see each other at Awards Evening. But it's still sad. Everything and everyone looked beautiful. I just wish I could live those 6 hours all over again. If any of you guys ever happen to be rich or famous (yes, I'm talking to you, Bryan and Sho!), you have got to remember me. Ok? Haha.. Here are some pictures. Feast your eyes =P

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Saturday, June 09, 2007
Bored-but there was the Hillsong Worship Workshop!

Yeah. That's right, I'm bored. Funny, don't you think? I mean, my exams are over yet I'm sprawled over the couch hardly doing anything useful.

Ok, it's not that true. Sprawling over the couch, I mean. I have done some useful things. For example, spring cleaning my room (it's not actually done yet, but I'm getting there. Yes, I do have a lot of things pushed aside in there), go shopping for my Graduation Ball, etc.

So, "Why are you bored?" you may ask. Well, It's because my most of my friends have just finished their exams last week (Wednesday) so I kind of have to wait for them finish before I can go out and celebrate with them. The fun and partying starts on Monday!!

Well, ok. I did attend a Hillsong Worship Workshop today. I was awesome. But the downfall of it was that there didn't seem to be enough time. Overall, I did learn some tips. There was the vocals, piano, guitar, bass/drums and production. I joined the Piano/Keyboard Workshop.

From session one (where everyone was together), here's what I learnt:

Our Gifts
  • God has given us gifts for a reason
Everyone is gifted. Everything we have is a gift from God. BUT you must be open for corrections.
James 1:17
1 Corinthians 4:7
1 Corinthians 7:7
  • God wants us to rise to significance

He wants us to make an impact in the world. Gos has given each of us a unigue gift so we must use it in a way to honor God.

  • The greatest Gift is nothing without love

Your charater is more important than your gifting.
1 Corinthians 13:1-3

  • Our gift is used for the Church, to advance the Kingdom of God.

1 Peter 4:10
Ephesians 4:11

  • Our gift is a stewardship

Our gift was given to us so that we may develop them. We have to put in the time and practise out gift, put value in that practise. PURPOSEFUL practise makes perfect.
Matthew 25

  • Your gift is to be valued

Honor your gift, so don't hide it.

  • Our gift is to be enjoyed

Enjoy what you do.
Psalm 100:2
John 10:10

  • Our gift needs to be brought to the alter.

The alter is a place of surrendering ourselves to God
Hebrews 13:10

And the piano/keyboard workshop:

Be mindful of the culture. Communicate something that's not of the world, wait for your time to come in to creep into that time crack where a person can be ministered. The message needs to be peculiar to capture people's attention. You don't have to be too sophisticated.

  • Don't double the melody
  • Don't be too bouncy-it'll sound disjointed and messy
  • Don't be set in chord shapes-split the chords up to create a smoother sound
  • Don't be too chordy. Use 1(bass), 3(major or minor), 7(minor 7th or dominant 7th).
  • Add colour-use the add9 or add2. This adds breath and enlargens the sound. Use your creativity and your ears to listen to what other people are playing.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

After one seriously 'long' break, I'm back, up and writing =D

Well, one chapter of my life has just finished, but with an I-want-to-know-more ending, I hope.

That's right, I have finished my IGCSE exams. Let me tell you, the time had actually flown by quite quickly. I know, I know, I keep saying that. But the thing is, I just don't want to grow any older. Not age-wise, I mean. I'd love to stay Sweet Sixteen forever and ever.

Anyway, back to my exams. Some were tough, some were just ok, I guess. But it was't too bad. Much better than my mocks though. This year's maths paper was, well, only one word for it..wait, make that two words: Super Hard, yep, with a capital S and H. They were not like the past papers that I had done, which was a bit of a disappointment.

I've made a few silly mistakes, I must admit. Now I keep telling myself "I should have done this, I should have done that." All the ifs and buts and and ands and all that jazz..Oh well, what's done cannot be undone. Or at least in this case.

Well, at least I can relax now.

Or not!

I have to sort things out for my work experience, Graduation Ball and college. Should I stay in GIS or attend some other college? Hmm..it's a hard choice to make, I must say.

So apart from all of the above, what will I be doing?
Answer: eating, sleeping, watching TV, etc. Basically, just lazing around =P

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
It Happened Yet Again (and during my English EXAM!)..

What happened? What happened? What happened?

I fainted. Again.

Just like last year..or was it the year before..?

Anyway, I woke up late today (7:15) for my exam (8:00). I rushed. Seriously! Anyway, it was so jammed near our school so my sister and I had to walk out of the car at the traffic lights and half walk, half run to school. Plus, it was raining. Luckily, it wasnt that heavy. I was on time, thank the Lord! Just made it.

So, in the exam hall, I was just settling in when suddenly, I felt unbearable cramps. I couldn't see properly, I was seeing stars and I couldn't hear properly everything was muffled (not that there's anything to hear in the exam hall, though). So I called for a teacher and Mr. Robinson came to me. I told him what I was experiencing and he called for Ms. Lopez and Mrs. Cheah who then called for Mr. Moore (the exams officer). But by that time, I was feeling better.

So I carried on with my work. About five minutes later, the same thing happened and again, called for another teacher. This time is was Ms. Price. I asked if I could go to the nurse but she thought I wanted to go to the toilet. So Mrs. Cheah came out and asked if I was alright. I told her I wanted to go to the nurse. She thought I was under a lot of stress so she tried to calm me down. the stars and muffling came back again and I couldn't take it. I fainted.

Luckily, it wasn't as bad as last year. Mrs Cheah was there to catch me and so was Ms. Lucas (I think it was her). I could still hear their voices but my body wasn't exactly responding. Mrs. Cheah went to get the nurse and I was concious once again. The nurse helped to the sick bay where a rested. The nurse gave me that drink thing.

Mr. Moore came again and asked me whether I'm ok to continue. I had a choice between going back into the hall or the office. I chose the office because I would be quite embarrassing to go back into the hall with everyone staring at me. Thank goodness Mr. Moore gave me the extra time that I lost. I must say, doing the exam in the office was quite comfy. Haha..the chairs were cushioned and I had a huge table to myself.

So how did I do? A LOT better than in my mocks. Thanks goodness for that. Praying hard that I get an A in English Language. Or even better, an A*!

13 more paper to go...

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Saturday, May 05, 2007
The LAST day of my secondary school life (7/5/07)

Just seemed like yesterday, you were a part of me, I used to be so strong, for once in my life...

Yeah. It did seem like yesterday. When I started seconday school, I mean.

I remember being nervous and scared about the first day of year 7. Whether I would make new friends that would last forever. Whether I would still have the friends I made during primary. Whether my teachers would be strict. Whether my teachers would like me. Whether I would get lost in the school. Whether or not I will be able to spend/have lunch time with my friends. I had so many worries at that time.

And now? Well, I'm full of sadness and other feelings. Exams are starting this Thursday and it would be hard for my friends and I to hear each other's laughter as it used to be. The stress, sadness and worries, all bundled up inside our hearts. Telling each other that we're going to "fail" when we actually know that that's not true, but just to make each other feel better about themselves.

I'm guessing we're all sad. REALLY SAD. I know there'll be tears on Monday, lots of them, pouring out as if we've never cried before. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit too dramatic. Lol. Plus, most people won't be around on Monday =( They're skiving.

I remember all the times I've had together with my friends, boys and girls. From shopping and watching movies together to our "hysterical" laughing during lunch times. Calling each other names and poking each other in the sides, as if we were little children again. Sharing our problems to one another and helping each other out in times of trouble. Sharing our love, our secrets, our time, our excitements, our joy, our sadness, our pain, our care, our kindness, our homework (=P), our food (=D)..in fact, there are so many things that we shared amongst ourselves that I cannot possibly list them all down.

Oh man, the joyful times I've had with them: proms, camps, discovery weeks, day outs, lunch times, break times, lessons, parties, sleepovers, walks to Mont Kiara Plaza and back..wait. Let me rephrase that. The times I've spent with my school friends have ALWAYS been joyful =D and I don't think I will experience that kind of fun I've had with them again. That is, until exams are finally over.

Some people are leaving straight after Graduation Ball, though. So that would be the last time I see them. There'll be tears that night too, I should think. Oh the pain. At least there's still another week after exams and before Grad where I can spend time with those people I treasure.

How time flies when you're having fun. Year 7 was slow, as I remember. Year 11? Well, there only one word for that, *ZOOM*. Time flew really quickly during my IGCSE course, the period where I had the most fun in secondary school.

So, who won't I forget and who do I hope won't forget me when we all go our separate ways?:

Bryan Leong
Sang Min

Wait, I hope I keep in touch with everyone, actually. Haha. Yeah.

So, Class of 2007, good luck in your exams and enjoy the last moments of secondary school, while it lasts. See you all at the GRADUATION BALL!!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
What's happened?

Really. What's happeneing to me? I've noticed I haven't blogged on some of the most important events in history. Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating. But still! I mean..let's face it, there was:
  1. Chinese New Year in Singapore
  2. Uncle Lim's calling to the Lord
  3. A day out with Lida ;P
  4. My interview with Mr. Ellis for applying to 6th form
  5. BUC's 12th Anniversary
  6. My Scrapbook page for the Scrapbook of the graduating classes of 2006/2007
  7. Photoshoot for the Scrapbook, of the whole year group
  8. And probably more stuff that I can't remember.

You see? All the things I've missed writing on? Gosh..am I just too busy to type out events? Or maybe, it's just laziness. Yeah, that'll be it. LAZY!!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Long time no blog..

Yes, I know. It's been a loong time. Honestly? I been feeling really lazy. So many things I could blog on. But then, so little time. So what's been happening with me?

It's the Easter term break now. No holiday-ing for me :( It's study study study. Mum and Dad's coming back from Singapore right now. Went to see some friends that came from America. They left my sister and me at home for the weekend. We survived! man, have they got a surprise coming..in a good way, I mean.

BUC's been soo caring. Can't even think of a better second family than them. Last night, the Chan family and Kevin took us out for dinner. And today was the Hos, Leongs, Teohs, Kevin and Tracy. And all the aunties have been calling up to see whether we're doing ok. Thanks so much everyone for your concern!

Yes, today is April Fool's Day. Let's see..about eight people. Fooled by me, I mean. Heehee..

Oh yes! And this will not make any sense whatsoever to those who aren't from my school. It's a replay of what happened in school during lunch break on Friday:

*May is laughing in her..well, hilarious laugh*
Afiq (shouting): MAY!
*We all look at him-Afiq and Sho are laughing and Afiq grins and waves*
May (looking shocked): Why was he waving at you, Michelle?
Me: He wasn't waving at me, he was waving at you! Why would he wave at me?
May: He was waving at you..not me. Why would he wave at me?
*We argue a bit more about who he was waving at..*
May (calling to Afiq): Hey..Afiq! Who were you waving at?
*Afiq shrugs his shoulders*
*We all busrt out laughing hysterically*

Yeah..that was funny. Sorry Seo! Lol..

*Sigh* only a few weeks of real school days left. It's going to be a very emotional moment when we all say goodbye to each other. Really, maybe I've been in GIS far too long. Eleven years. Gosh. So what's coming up?
  1. IGCSE exams
  2. Graduation Ball
  3. Work Experience
  4. Our goodbyes :'(

I can't wait..

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Friday, February 16, 2007

CNY is near! Going to Singapore again. Staying in my grandmother's house.

Played golf on Wednesday and my left arm hurts. My right shoulder feels stiff too.

Been re-drafting loads and loads of English coursework.

PTC was on Valentine's day. More results:
39/50 for my Business coursework, which is an A. This brought up my overall grade C to a B
A B+ for my English coursework folder, without last week's and this week's re-drafting. hopefully it will be an A by the time I finish all my re-drafts.

A-levels options sheet to be passed up on the 26th of February. What subjects should I take?: Here's what I'm thinking of..I can only pick 4:
English Literature

Need to find a placement for work experience as soon as possible..

Graduation dress?

So much to do..so little time, as people always say.

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Celebrated Valentine's day in school on the 9th of February. Here are some pictures:

View Show Create Your Own

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Thursday, February 08, 2007
IGCSE mock results

They're out! Here are my results:

Two A's for Double Award Science
A for Information Communication Technology
A for French
B for English literature
B for Maths
B for Geography
C for English Language
C for Business Studies
C for Sociology..

Not too good in my opinion :( No A*s. What a pity..
Oh well..at least it's the mocks and not the real thing. I still have room for improvement. I'm going to try my best to achieve a grade higher for each subject.
And how will I do that? Easy! Start revising now and use the right revision techniques!

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Monday, February 05, 2007
Eew, yuck, sick, gross!

John and Wan Yi recently came back from Cambodia. And guess what they brought back as a gift for the Youth yesterday? Fried insects..what was there? Maggots, crickets, locusts, spiders and cockroaches.

I ate a maggot..horrible. I didn't tey the rest. So call me a chicken :P I'll try and upload pictures as soon as possible. That's what I said for the christmas post didn't I? Hehe..

We had a lovely barbeque held in Uncle Hoi Meng's house. Thank you soo much for opening your house and for your hospitality, uncle Hoi Meng!

I really enjoyed my time at the barbeque. So what was the reason for this barbeque? Chinese New Year? I don't think so. In fact, it was for John and Wan Yi, a farewell from the youth. It's so sad to see them both go :( I shall miss them dearly..

I love marshmallows! Yummy! :P

And again..I will be posting photos as soon as possible..

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It was good to get out of the house (and school) during the holidays, especially after all the stress I've had recently over my IGCSE mocks.

Who was there? Ju, Lida, Ashley and Seo.

We watched The Holiday. It was soo good! All of us loved it..all except for Lida. It was actually quite a long movie. And guess who was watching the same movie, at the same time? Ms. Yap!!

We went shopping and ate dinner in Bakerzed..or however you spell it. It's ton the same floor as Ms. Read..

Here's a picture:

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